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Jen Blair

Jen Blair is the Beer Program Manager for New Realm Brewing Company and co-host of the beer and brewing podcast False Bottomed Girls. She is an Advanced Cicerone and a National BJCP Beer Judge. Jen is currently working towards her Master Cicerone and Master BJCP Beer Judge certifications. She is a member of the AHA Governing Committee and the chair for the AHA Industry subcommittee. An avid all-grain brewer, her favorite beers to brew are barleywines and smoked beers.

Rachael Hudson (in the Mash Tun)

After a dozen years in the beer industry and over nine years as a professional brewer, training under award winning breweries such as: Hardywood Park, Left Hand, and NoDa Brewing Company, Rachael decided it was time to showcase everything she has learned on a Nano scale. Together with her husband Jeff, a professional pilot, they opened Pilot Brewing.  Not only has Rachael worked her way through the brewing world, she has also achieved the title of Advanced Cicerone, working her way towards Master.


A slight play on words, Pilot Brewing references aviation, but more importantly focuses on small batch experimental beer. Combined with their 3-barrel Pilot system, and half-barrel “Co-Pilot” system, Rachael likes to showcase her talent through her beers, both available in Pilot’s tasting room and through-out Charlotte’s craft beer scene. She runs an educational brewery by providing sensory training and beer training for both her team members and guests of Pilot. She uses her brewery to fuel her philanthropic goals by raising awareness and funds for different local charities. In her free time, she co-hosts the fabulous beer podcast, False Bottomed Girls. 

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